Why does the Sun Blaze PTA need Corporate Sponsors and Fundraisers?
Where does the money go?

During the 2018-2019 school year, the PTA donated $10,000 to the Media Center for the purchase of new books and $15,000 for the purchase of updated reading resources and curriculum for teachers. Throughout the years, the PTA has also paid for other enhancements to the school and grounds such as murals and the playground sunshades.

Funds raised by the PTA are also provided to teachers who apply for grants throughout the school year. These grants are used to fund classroom improvements and additional enrichment projects for the students to use within the classroom.  

The PTA also sponsors clubs and events such as a Family Dance, Family Movie Nights, Teacher Appreciation Week, 5th Grade End-of-Year Celebration, and Bully Prevention & Kindness Programs that enhance students' lives outside the classroom.


Money generously donated by parents, families, community members, and businesses pay for many of our school enhancements. This year, Sun Blaze PTA would like to focus fundraising efforts on a "Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds" concept. Please take a look at the phases below and see how you can help us meet our 2019-2020 Fundraising goal!


Phase 1:

Large bins placed at each recess station filled

with equipment such as balls, jump ropes,

hula hoops, and sidewalk chalk


Phase 2:

Portable soccer and volleyball / badminton

nets placed in green 
space behind the school


Phase 3:

A third playground structure to 

crowding due to our large student population

(Pending Final 
OCPS District Approval)



Funds raised by PTA touch every child – when YOU get involved, we all benefit.


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Questions? Contact fundraising@sunblazepta.com